History’s Most Famous Posters

Since the realisation of the poster as an influential medium, history and its graphic designers have come up with some legendary posters. From the imposing and persuasive (think Uncle Sam or God Save the King) to the inspirational (Obama’s Hope or the ever-present image of Che Guevara), we have seen some uncompromising images that continue to pop up as time unfolds.
As Roller Poster is Australia’s go-to for all custom printed poster needs, we thought we would share with you some of history’s most famous (for reasons good or bad) large prints. Maybe some will provide you with the inspiration for your business’s posters?

Keep Calm and Carry On

What began as a rallying poster for the citizens of London to continue on with daily life despite the crippling shells of constant German air raids has now become a hip symbol for just getting on with in general. The ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster now takes on lifeforms for whatever reason people want to use: Keep Calm and Just Graduate, Keep Calm and Make Bacon Pancakes, Keep Calm and Go Shopping – whatever people want to use it for, they do.

La Belle Époque

Who wouldn’t have wanted to exist during Paris’s Belle Époque period? Owen Wilson’s 1920s mistress in Midnight in Paris sure did, and for good reason. The era seems to have encapsulated the beauty of The City of Light, with stunning architecture, an unrivalled arts and cultural scene and enough hallucinogenic absinthe to send a person Van Gogh crazy. The below image is a famous representation of the era, one that today still receives countless reprints for the apartments of 20-something year old yuppies throughout the world.

I Am Sam

Perhaps the most famous of two similarly-themed images (the other being the British version, and the one that came first) the Uncle Sam ‘I Want You’ poster has become synonymous with army recruitment drives ever since its inception. The image of the stern, wise Sam imploring young Americans to enlist in service is one of the most reused to this day.


The Obama campaign made great usage of hip, stylish design to win over young voters. The ‘Hope’ poster has become synonymous not only with the man himself (and his campaign) but also for the notion of creating change and a brighter future. Another often reworked image (such as that of the George Bush version entitled ‘Dope’).




































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