Four Tips for Improving Your Poster Branding

Businesses, especially those with storefronts, rely largely on posters to get their messages across to the consumer. Whether advertising a new product, a sale or of course, the overall store signage, unique poster design is something that has a huge sub-conscious effect on the consumer. It has the ability to draw them into a store regardless of whether they were in a rush to get to train, get home, meet a friend, whatever.

Therefore, customised, smartly designed posters are an important part of the any businesses marketing strategy. Roller Poster has put together a list of five tips for improving your business’s poster designs.

Read on to see how your poster designs can bring the people off the streets and purchasing your product.

  1. Keep it Simple: Think about it, if you were walking down the street at say, a brisk pace, casually window shopping as you glide past store after store, what would you want to see from a poster? Would it be something full of small font information, a novel on large paper? Or would you want to see something simple and stylish? Of course, it’s the latter – it’s easy to take in and catches your attention from the moment you see it, and is far more likely to bring you in to see the goodies the store has to offer.
  2. Think Differently: Naturally, you don’t want your poster to be dull or boring. Even worse, you don’t want it to be one of those nameless posters you see on the fronts of miscellaneous stores offering closing down sales. Add a bit of a kick to your design – something that makes your store unique. All you have to do is think a little bit outside the box and bang, you’ve got a winner.
  3. Think of What Your Customer Wants: If it were roles-reversed and you were the one coming past the store, what would you want to see as the customer? You have to think of what appeals to your target demographic, and not design something that will be off-putting for the large proportion of your clientele.
  4. Give Your Brand a Voice, or Narrative: Make your branding stand out by creating a design that fits your company’s voice. If you can tie it in with a company narrative, even better. Who are you? Why are you here? What purpose do you serve? This may sound like something out of a first-year philosophy textbook, but it can be an effective means of marketing toward your impressionable clientele.

Now that you have a few tips for creating unique, highly appealing poster designs, come to the team at Roller Poster to have your specialised posters printed by the professionals.

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