Why Custom Wrap is Great for Business

We’ve all walked past those stores with the in-your-face, template printed, red and white sale signs. Let’s be honest, they’re not the best look, and often give off the impression that the business holding the sale is subpar and perhaps even on the way out. Standard store-bought industry wrap can look quite tacky and even be off-putting for the shopper, who see it as somewhat of an attack on their senses.

Therefore, it is never a bad idea to have stylish, custom wrap designed for your business’s sale or promotion. There are a host of great reasons for this, and we here at Roller Poster, the industry wrap specialists, thought we would share a couple of them with you.

Read on to find out why custom-wrap is the perfect option for attracting shoppers to your business’s promotion.

It Shows Shoppers You Care

When a business has nothing but some tacky, bright coloured SALE stickers hastily thrown onto their windows it shows a lack of personal and financial investment into the company; it shows you don’t care. However, if a shopper was to come to your store and see a variety of personalised, well-designed wrapping for your promotion they will immediately take your business more seriously. The psychology behind this difference is enough to dramatically increase sales at your business.

It Creates Brand Awareness

If you’ve ever been to an outlet mall and seen store after store displaying those tacky sale signs you may have found yourself disoriented, overwhelmed with a sea of red and white. You soon lose track of which business is which when the painful glow of these signs overrides that of the store signage. With custom-made wrap, you create brand awareness for your business and can even create a personalised image for it. When customers see the wrap they will sub-consciously associate it with your business and, of course, stylish branding equates to more sales.

And, Of Course, It Looks Great!

What customer doesn’t want to see a bit of personality in a store? It gives off a great impression for your business and adds a touch of colour and vibrancy – so why wouldn’t you want it to be a part of your overall branding strategy?

Contact Us with Your Design

If you have a design for your business that you would love to have turned into high quality, stylish custom-wrap, simply give our team a call on +61 02 9905 8300 or fill out an enquiry form on our contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you require.

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