Get Wrap Happy!

Gift wrap just for you!

Totally Customisable

Your very own roll of wrapping paper is completely personalised as the design is completely up to you! Just provide us with the image and we will repeat the image onto a continuous roll


You can wrap absolutely anything in our personalised wrapping paper. With a 90gsm thickness and a gloss finish, you can wrap items as small as jewellery through to items as large as TV, furniture or even, if you’re crafty enough, a car! Don’t let the limitation of regular wrapping paper hold you back, invest in some custom paper!

Promotional Purposes

Retail and Market Stalls

Receiving a nicely wrapped gift is wonderful as a recipient but it’s even better when you, as the giver, don’t have to wrap it! Offer your customers real convenience and real service with a gift wrapping service. Branded gift wrapping is also a great way to push your products, helping your brand reach far beyond just the person who walks into your store. Gift-giving is one of the best and most fruitful endorsements you can receive as a business and is often neglected as a legitimate marketing opportunity. Take advantage of every avenue you can exploit to get more people through your shop door.


Personalised branded gift wrap will never fail to make a professional impression on long-term clients, prospective leads or as part of a company farewell gift. Also great for conference gifts, a ream of branded gift wrap never goes astray in any business.

Off The Wall, Super Personalised Gifts

Giving gifts is a personal thing. We each spent a lot of time and effort selecting just the right items for our lucky beneficiaries but how often have you been caught without something to wrap it in? You’ll never forget the wrapping paper again when you design and purchase your very own industrial store of personalised wrapping paper.

Create a timeless, signature design that stretches across age and gender and have it printed in bulk! This final step in personalising your gift will certainly be a memorable one! You can even make sure the recipients of your gifts know who they’re receiving from by including your name or signature on the paper! The options are endless with personalised gift wrap from Roller Poster.,failed-roller-poster-saved-by-foxcil.aspx,kirwan-flags-acquisition-strategy.aspx,kirwan-invests-in-plastic-bags.aspx,roller-poster-upgrades-main-production-press.aspx

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